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Caribbean news in brief

RATES: Murder rate in Barbados increased following the death of Rihanna’s cousin Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne (Photo credit: Instagram)

CONTROVERSIAL ‘LAND GRAB’ BILL ANTIGUAN AND BARBUDAN parliamentarians have been debating a controversial bill to change a 200-year-old communal land rights ownership system in Barbuda.

Government argued that the Barbuda Land (Amendment) Bill would introduce freehold land ownership to help rebuild the island after Hurricane Irma’s destruction. Opponents have described the changes as a “land grab” and as “disaster capitalism”.

PLAN TO BECOME CLIMATE-RESILIENT DOMINICA’S SENIOR civil servants have been meeting to put flesh on the bones of the country’s plan to become the first climate-resilient nation in the world following Hurricane Maria. Officials said that the strategy will need a flexible public service to deal with the challenges of rebuilding.

NEW GUYANA TO BRAZIL ROAD GUYANA AND BRAZIL have signed an agreement to build a road between the two countries. The Linden-Lethem road proposal will now go to the engineer and design stage.

Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge said that Guyana had been speaking about the project “for ages” and will now seek multilateral financial support.

COUSIN’S MURDER SEES RATE RISE BARBADOS POLICE reported that the murder of Rihanna’s cousin Tavon Kaiseen Alleyne on Boxing Day took the island’s 2017 murder rate to 31.

In other parts of the region, Trinidad & Tobago reported a 2017 murder figure of 494 and Jamaica more than 1,600 for the year. Rihanna attended a memorial for Mr Alleyne in Barbados.

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