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Caribbean news in brief

PICTURED: Dr Devon Gardner

New focus for Caribbean energy month

CARICOM’s Energy Programme Manager, Dr Devon Gardner, has launched the region’s Energy Month activities with a focus on sustainable energy after what he called the “vicious cycle” of severe climate impacts, high indebtedness and high fossil fuel import bills.

“Our future lies in the reduction of future risk from extreme weather impacts, which requires adapting our economic, social and environmental systems to changes that are already unavoidable,” Dr Gardner said. 

Guyana/ Suriname discuss oil processing

Guyana’s government has said it’s exploring the possibility of sharing an oil processing facility with neighbouring Suriname. The discussions to engage the private sector in developing oil refinery capacity took place as another new oil find in Guyana’s waters was announced.

IMPORTANT: Senator Ruel Reid

Jamaica urging better language skills

Jamaica’s Education Minister, Senator Ruel Reid, has called for Caribbean students to be more exposed to foreign languages as the region increases trade with non-English-speaking countries.

“As a Caribbean region, if we can effectively integrate and relate to our non-English-speaking neighbours (through) foreign-language skills, that certainly would be a great asset,” Senator Ruel told a conference.

Trinidad pannists challenge executive

Pannists have threatened to boycott Carnival 2018 if there is not a change in the administration of their organising association, Pan Trinbago.

The Trinidad Express said that Pan Trinbago’s AGM “descended into chaos” and said in an editorial that executives “must let all the cards be placed on the table, face the music, and contribute to the re-building and re-branding of the institution that is home to the country's only designated national instrument”.

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