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Carnival artist’s Windrush song wins Calypso double

CALYPSO MONARCH: Vincent John, chairperson of the AC UK Calypso Association, Jeffery ‘De Admiral’ Hinds (centre) and Winston ‘Gypsy’ Peters – chairperson of the National Carnival Commission of Trinidad & Tobago (right)

CALYPSO ARTIST De Admiral’s song about Windrush scooped him top prizes.

Born in Reading, De Admiral, whose real name is Jeffrey Hinds, is renowned for his work in Carnival Arts and in the Boxing Ring as a professional referee.

His performance of his song The Windrush Generation at the AC UK Calypso Monarch Competition Final, which was held at the Tabernacle – Carnival Village, Powis Square, London, on Thursday (August 23) was awarded the UK Calypso Monarch 2018.

His victory, achieved in his 33rd year entering the competition, saw him beat four former monarch winners.
He said: “I have been waiting for this day for a long time and I sort expect to awake and find it is all a dream.”
De Admiral was also proclaimed “King of the AC UK Calypso Tent” the following day (Friday August 24), the final night of the London Notting Hill Carnival calypso season in the competition that is traditionally judged by the audience.

The crowd showed De Admiral love by showering him with rounds of applause for his timely tune that criticises the UK government’s handling on the Windrush situation.
“The Windrush Generation deserves respect and compensation,” Soca News reported the singer told the crowd on the night.

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