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Celebrate National Vegetarian Week at these food spots

TASTE OF THE RAINBOW: Vegetarian food can be more exciting than you might think, as food from three of our favourite London haunts proves

IF YOU had a great veggie Easter courtesy of The Voice’s inspirational suggestions, then we implore you to get out of your house over the next seven days and join in National Vegetarian Week.

National Vegetarian Week runs from 13 to 19 May and is a great time to celebrate plant-based living.

Graham Drummond, from the Vegetarian Society, said: “This year National Vegetarian Week offers some fun new things for you to try, such as tucking into a veggie full-English breakfast, sharing gelatine-free sweets, doing a dairy-free milk taste-test or choosing the tofu dish from the local Chinese takeaway.

“National Vegetarian Week is your chance to join millions enjoying amazing veggie food. Keep a look out for new recipes, tempting offers, and refreshed restaurant menus across the UK.”

Every day is the perfect time to start improving your diet and if you need a bit of a guiding hand, then this time of the year is perfect. Getting inspiration couldn’t be easier these days. Here are three of The Voice’s favourite spots to pick up an unusual, but tasty bite to eat…

Rainforest Creations

Catch Rainforest Creations all over London at various locations, including Oval Market, Chelsea Market, Herne Hill Market, Alexandra Palace Farmers Market and Hammersmith Market.

Divine combinations of live foods form the basis of their culinary approach to cooking. Founders Ingo and Khi believe: “Healthy food and products have been on the increase worldwide.

“We appeal to the speciality food customer as well as the person buying living foods for the very rst time. All the foods we prepare are an abundant source of the vital minerals and essential elements required to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”

The Voice recommends: Lentil Burger Box (£7) – lentil burger, angel kale, chickpeas and tropical slaw with a dressing of your choice. Check out rainforestcre- to see where they will be next.

All Nations Vegan House

Built on the ethos of providing healthy, nutritious, no fuss meals. All Nations head chef Atrika has been preparing healthy Vegan dishes with a Caribbean twist for more than ten years. Open Monday to Saturday between midday and 9pm, serving an all day menu covering lunch, weekend brunch and dinner, whether you’re appetite is massive or not, there is something for you on the menu.

The Voice recommends: Do not leave without having the chocolate plantain cake and coffee. You have been warned. Check out


If you choose Engocha’s Ethiopian cuisine, then you’re going to need space. The Voice suggests sharing a five wot plate with a friend if you venture over to this north-west London haunt, and don’t worry about the Injera, they will bring more. Typical of the fare you find from the region, few do vegetarian like Ethiopia.

The Voice recommends: Tikil Gomen (curry potatoes, cabbage, and carrot), Shiro (roasted and ground chickpeas slow cooked in mild spices, garlic, tomato, onion, and olive oil sauce), Ater Kik (splits simmered with turmeric, and ginger) and rice. Contact on 020 7485 3838.

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