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Celebrate your 'Fro with World Afro Day


FOR NATURAL hair lovers everywhere, World Afro Day is about to be upon us.

The celebration of natural hair textures will take place September 15, as women around thew world unite to educate, celebrate, and embrace the beauty of afro hair on a global scale.

World Afro Day (WAD) promotes education and appreciation for the unique position of afro hair, throughout the world, and prides itself on the following:

1) To create the first ever world record which educates and celebrates afro-hair

2) To educate and empower future generations of Black and Mixed-Race children to embrace, enjoy and celebrate their natural, afro-hair

3) To educate and equip institutions and organisations alike, to identify and eradicate hair bias against afro-hair

4) To support and encourage informed choices, resulting in a positive impact on Black and Mixed-Race people's well-being and mental health

5) Working with and harnessing support from, diverse communities around the world, to challenge negative perceptions of afro-hair.

Against all odds

Bias against afro hair in society can create exclusion, shame and and feelings of inferiority. This has also created a long-lasting economic impact and a pressure, especially on Black women, to conform to societal norms.

Straight European and Asian hair types are promoted everyday, through fairytales, films, television, social media, consumer products and advertising etc,.

On September 15 2016, a U.S. federal court, ruled it was legal to ban dreadlocks in the workplace! This is a barrier not faced by any other hair type or group. Afro-hair is rarely celebrated, especially globally. World Afro Day is an event designed and curated, to address this disparity.

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