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Celebrating celibacy

OVERCOMER: Cherlene Wilson

IT’S RARE for single Christians to openly talk about their struggles with being celibate, and rarer still to find a Christian who’s overcome those struggles, and is helping others to do so. However this is the case with Cherlene Wilson.

This intuitive coach, actress and criminology and psychology graduate, recently released an audio teaching series entitled Celebrate Celibacy: How to Establish & Maintain Your Purity Plan 101, which contains tips on how to live a celibate lifestyle.

Cherlene, 36, was inspired to record Celebrate Celibacy after she asked the women in The Evolution of Self Facebook group she administrates, if they experienced sexual challenges. Many said yes, and she thought the best way to help them was through an audio series.

If anyone’s equipped to record an audio series on celibacy it’s Cherlene, who attends the Rock Church in London’s Docklands.

She shared: “I was sexually abused at 14, lived a promiscuous life as a teen into my early twenties, attempted suicide, was involved in gang culture to now being celibate for over nine years and living a polar opposite life.”

She continued: “As someone who has failed in this area while being in a relationship with God and serving in ministry I know what it feels like first hand to live in the secrecy of sexual perversion, shame, guilt and fear of judgement.”

Cherlene believes some Christians need support to remain celibate. “In general, managing our sexual desires isn’t something that we are taught to do,” she explained.

“It’s one thing being told what is required of us, it’s another thing entirely to know how to effectively do that void of theory.

“From my experience and observation many churches major on having restoration classes once someone has failed. However they lack preventative measures to give people tools on how to avoid situations.”

The tips Cherlene shares on how to remain celibate include sticking to a purity plan, understanding how to re-direct sexual energy positively, understanding sexual triggers and being aware of one’s sex drive.

Response to the audio teaching has been in Cherlene’s words ‘incredible’, with people sharing how it’s helped to transform their mindset and behaviour.

For those who are struggling with being celibate, Cherlene has a message of hope. “Give yourself some grace!
“There is a reason you’re challenged, and you need to be pragmatic about it and find out why.”

Cherlene added: “Demystify sexuality, on a basic level, God gave us a sex drive because He wants us to procreate, but He wants us to learn how to manage it effectively as we live outside the context of marriage.

“The desire will happen, so when it does, knowing that and having a plan for it is critical.”

Latterly Cherlene has just produced a free to download e-book called Pillow Talk and is sharing her message of sexual purity and remaining celibate at churches and events across the UK, and in the process, help believers maintain sexual behaviour that’s in alignment with their faith.

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