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Celebrating Guyana Awards 2018

PICTURED: The High Commissioner of Guyana, His Excellency Fredrick Hamley Case

THE PRESTIGIOUS 2018 Guyana Awards will be hosted this year at Senate House in September.

With hundreds of high profile figures expected to be in attendance, The High Commissioner of Guyana, His Excellency Fredrick Hamley Case spoke passionately about the ceremony.

“The idea is to make the Guyanese diaspora aware of achievers and hopefully that will motivate them and their relatives to become achievers as well,” he said.

As Guyanese symbols like Gina Miller continue to make honourable names for themselves across the diaspora, Case believes that they “are certainly well known by the British establishment,” but more can be done to raise the profile.

He explained: “Given our small numbers as a nation, 750,000 people, or thereabouts, we have achieved more in Britain than in a number of countries with larger populations.

“There are Guyanese people who make their mark but are not given much publicity. Part of the reason for restarting the awards is to make them better known than they are.”

Many Guyanese high achievers have made commendable contributions to their respective fields, however, Case aims to “raise awareness among the Guyanese community.”

He added: “I don’t necessarily mean people who were born in Guyana, I mean people born here [UK] of Guyanese parentage too.”

In search of more success stories to come from their heritage, Case said: “We’ve written to hundreds of Guyanese people asking them to nominate achievers in the various categories that we have.

"That way, we are learning of Guyanese people at the high commission or on the awards committee, who we may have never heard of before. Many of them are amazing academics, many names that I have never heard of, but they are out there.”

The event, which is set to be an annual celebration, aspires to recognise Guyanese accomplishments in the years to come. “By the end of this exercise, we will have a list and a database of Guyanese high achievers," his Excellency commented.

"It brings us in touch with the Guyanese achievers that we may not necessarily know of. This will demonstrate that we are high achievers and we can continue to achieve significantly in the United Kingdom. We produce world-class people."

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