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Celebrities share video tribute to Martin Luther King

TRIBUTE: Inspired by Martin Luther King, a range of celebrities and public figures shared their dreams in a special video

A WHOLE host of celebrities and public figures have paid tribute to Martin Luther King with a special video.

The five-minute film called The Dream Still Lives” features Samuel L Jackson, Chadwick Boseman, Janelle Monáe, Mary J Blige, Serena Williams and Stevie Wonder – to name but a few. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also features in the video.

Each participant shares their dream for the future, inspired by King’s well-known and loved speech.

The short video was part a number of high-profile efforts to honour the civil rights leader on the 50th anniversary of his death, which many around the world remembered yesterday.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were among the participants in the video, which opens with Wonder.

The former US president said: “And our dream is of a world where we recognise each other’s common humanity and that we shape for our children – peace, justice and opportunity for all.”

Black Panther actor Boseman said his dream was for youth to “reach their full learning potential without the threat of gun violence”, while Khan said his was that “we don’t simply tolerate each other’s differences, we respect and celebrate them”.

In a bid to do all he can to share the video and its message, Wonder joined Twitter and posted the video as part of his first tweet on the social media site.

He encouraged people to share their dreams and record and upload their own versions of the Dream Still Lives video.

He said: “On April 4th, 1968 at 7.05pm central time, Dr King’s life was cut tragically short. 50 years later a need for his dream to be fulfilled is far greater than ever. Share your dream & post your own #DreamStillLives video. Spread love...spread hope.”

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