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Charity helping deportees has Home Office funding reinstated

SUPPORTING DEPORTEES: A charity that helps people who have been forcibly removed from the UK had its funding terminated just days before the Windrush compensation scheme was launched

A CHARITY that provides support to people deported from the UK to Jamaica has had its funding reinstated after it was revealed the Home Office had stopped giving it financial help.

The news that the National Organisation of Deported Migrants (NODM) will continue to receive financial support comes just days after BuzzFeed News reported that the Home Office would no longer be providing financial assistance to the organisation.

NODM, which is based in Jamaica, helps deportees prepare for and adjust to life in Jamaica.

Before the funding it received was suspended, it had been receiving money from the Home Office through the British High Commission over a period of seven years.

Following the publication of a report by BuzzFeed News that revealed the funding had been halted just days before the Windrush compensation scheme was launched last week, the Home Office contacted NODM to inform it that it would receive some form of financial assistance.

“The timing is a bit suspicious. The Home Office don’t like scandals and things going off in the press,” Oswald Dawkins, the president of NODM told BuzzFeed News.

According to the publication, the funding, which had been reduced in the past three years, will be reinstated in May and will differ from the previous arrangement.

NODM will now be tasked with helping deportees and then sending invoices for the work that it does.

Dawkins, whose work at NODM is voluntary, told BuzzFeed News: “They have secured funding to continue at least some of the services that we used to provide, which will be transportation, meeting people at the airport, and re-documentation. However, it’s reduced funding.

“It will be based on actuals. A person comes and they say to us, for example, 'We know there’s a person coming in and we need you to meet that person'.”

“The Home Office continues to work with non-governmental organisations that provide support on arrival for returnees. The level of support varies and is based on the needs of the returnee.

“We are committed to ensuring safe and dignified returns and reintegration is a key part of that,” BuzzFeed News reported a spokesperson for the Home Office said.

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