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Chart stars going global

TOP TEAM: Type0, left, has grown in popularity across the world thanks to Sam Brown

A COMMUNITY DJ from Manchester has ambitious plans to thrust unknown talent into the spotlight with a chart list that spans the city and the world at large.

Veteran DJ Sam Brown launched The Manchester International Music Chart almost six weeks ago on the community radio station, North Manchester FM, and it has been so successful that the second artist to hit the number one spot is now aiming for international stardom.

“It is important to have the International Music Chart because it reaches out to artists in local communities in other countries who otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to have their music played globally,” said Sam.

The broadcaster’s career began more than 30 years ago after he started playing for Manchester’s first pirate radio station, Independent Community Radio (ICR). He now presents two morning shows and the Sunday chart show where he airs new music submissions. Sam is passionate about elevating fresh talent and claims that his show is helping new artists to achieve global recognition.

“Most people would never have heard of Issaf Ismail who first held the number one spot in the charts.

“When we checked him out on YouTube he only had 733 views but now he has more than 34,000. This indicates that the chart is working. We feature music from France, Morocco, Uganda, all over.

“They are artists that no one has ever heard of.”

The weekly chart ranks the top artists as voted by email submissions. Currently holding the number one spot is Nathaniel Leacock, better known by his stage name, Type0. His single, One Thing, and accompanying video has been causing quite a stir - not only in his hometown of Manchester but as far afield as New Zealand.

In fact, in addition to voting in droves from the other side of the world, his fans have phoned the station and radio stations are vying for him to do interviews. The 20-year-old singer-songwriter, who originally hails from Southall, London, has now made Manchester his home in order to further his music career. His humble, gentlemanly persona belies the talent and fervent drive he has for music.

But his popularity is evident, receiving more than 1,900 votes to help him clinch that number one spot and his music video has now surpassed 45,000 views on YouTube.

“The chart has helped me to appreciate the fan base and support that I have from friends, family and fans worldwide,” said Type0.

“To reach first place and stay there for two weeks in a row is a big thing for me. You’ve got to know that people are behind you, backing you and showing you love to continue to go on and be great.

“I spoke on the radio to a fan from New Zealand, that was a great experience. It’s always good to branch out and know that your music is connecting with people all over the world.”

Now signed by urban music label, Coolshade, Type0, who also plays the guitar and piano, incorporates many different styles into his music. He has a busy itinerary over the coming months and whether or not he remains at number one on Sam Brown’s international chart, he is certain to have a bright future ahead of him in music.

Listen to North Manchester FM on 106.6FM or online. Watch Type0’s One Thing video at

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