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Chelsea Handler urges Americans to 'vote like black women'

WHITE PRIVILEGE: Comedian Chelsea Handler has urged Americans to be sisters to black women

US COMEDIAN Chelsea Handler has spoken about the importance of supporting black women and acknowledging white privilege.

Handler made the comments during an appearance on The Ellen Show ahead of the US midterm elections next month.

She said: “I feel like it’s very important if you have a platform to use or to stick your neck out for people who don’t.”

“We always have to look to black women. Black women always vote in their best interests. Ninety-four per cent of black women voted for Hillary Clinton. Well, 53 per cent of white women voted for that guy.

“We have to look black women vote in their best interests, always historically. They always know what’s up. And we have to be sisters to them. We have to vote in their best interest as well.”

Handler encouraged viewers to vote and do so in order to take back their country.

She said: “It’s important that you go and vote so we can take our country back for all the marginalised groups that are suffering under his [president Donald Trump] thumb.”

Handler’s new Netflix documentary explores white privilege.

She said she was inspired to create it after examining her own privilege post-election and broadening her reading habits by studying works by black authors.

“I just started to think about all the privilege I benefited from in this industry specifically. Being a Jew is a bonus. Being a girl as a comedian when I was coming up was a bonus. There weren’t a ton of us. I had every advantage and every door opened for me.”

Handler, who admits she is still learning how to be a better person, also told host Ellen Degeneres she believes white people as a whole have a long way to go.

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