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Choir to put on a royal show

SPECIAL TALENT: Members of the Gosp-Ability Choir have come together to overcome mental health issues

SANDRA GODLEY is one Christian woman doing her bit to celebrate
the forthcoming marriage of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.

She has formed Gosp-Ability, a community choir, which will perform in Windsor Guildhall, one week prior to the royal couple tying the knot at Windsor Castle. Sandra, a MOBO-nominated gospel singer based in Coventry said: “When the royal engagement was announced, I thought the choir would be the perfect wedding gift.”

The unique thing about Gosp-Ability, is that it’s comprised of people with disabilities and those experiencing mental health issues. And Sandra explained: “Inspired by the work of Prince Harry and the royals with mental health charity Mind and The Invictus Games/Choir, I set about putting together this very special choir.

“I remember listening to Prince Harry talking about how at the time of his mother’s death, it was hard to talk.

“Mental health is a huge challenge in our society and I felt if I could encourage people to talk, trigger a conversation or speak out, then that would be something positive to bring to the table.”

Up to 150 people applied to join the choir, auditioning live at Coventry Cathedral. Sandra along with four judges chose the members.

“I know that for every applicant they would have had to face and overcome the fear of making themselves vulnerable whilst singing in front of a bunch of strangers,” Sandra said.

Gosp-Ability has already appeared on BBC One’s The One Show, which will be following the choir up until they perform at Windsor, singing a song Sandra has written. Sandra, is well known in her home town; not only does she sing, she has a show on UCB Radio, and is due to present a radio show on BBC Coventry.

She’s also a trustee of international charity Feed The Children that provides food for orphans around the world. Sandra, who has been singing since the age of 11, aims to continue running the choir after Prince Harry and Meghan Markel’s wedding on
May 19.

Gosp-Ability has already been approached to do a number of bookings including performing at the 50th anniversary service of Tearfund, a leading Christian charity.

“We’ll be singing in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who incidently, was my former boss when I worked as head of events at Coventry Cathedral.

“There’s another special touch to all this because of course, Justin will be marrying the happy couple.”

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