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Chris Hughton on racism in football: greater inclusion need

PICTURED: Brighton & Hove Albion manager Chris Hughton

BRIGHTON BOSS Chris Hughton has said greater inclusion is needed before true progress can be made in eradicating racism from football, BT Sport reports.

Following a week of discussion after Raheem Sterling claimed he was racially abused during a match at Stamford Bridge, Hughton said it’s in positions at the very top of the sport where he feels change is most needed to combat racism in football.

“I’ve always thought and spoken about inclusion in our game, and that means management at the top level, board level,” said Hughton, who turns 60 next week.

“If I’m looking at The FA and Premier League it’s that type of inclusion in the top roles. I’ve spoken about what I feel is the lack of black managers at the highest level, as such. What’s good for our game is total inclusion – and I think is what everybody wants to see.

“The only thing that can be done by all clubs is what all clubs do. Credit to all clubs – if there are incidences anywhere, the clubs are very quickly on that, and that’s banning supporters deemed to have made racial comments.

“Clubs are on top of what they see – (but) if we’re talking about eradicating something from our game or society it’s about a culture, and making sure people are respectful of all colours and creeds.

“Racial events in our game, which we are trying as hard as we can to eradicate, are always going to happen.

“You hope that it’s something that doesn’t escalate. Sometimes when times are harder, they become more relevant. But racism holds no place in our game, it holds no place in society, but unfortunately there are always going to be incidences.”

Brighton host Chelsea on Sunday (Dec 16) in the Premier League.

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