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The Christian nurse who is saving lives

INNOVATOR: Neomi Bennett

NURSE NEOMI Bennett has won several major awards for a device she created called the Neo-slip.

She spoke to Soul Stirrings (SS) about her work, her faith and her family.

SS: What inspired you to invent the Neo-slip?

NEOMI BENNETT (NB): I was inspired to invent Neo-slip after seeing the difficulties nurses and patients have when struggling to put on anti embolism stockings. The stocking has to be very tight in order to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis. They work by compressing the foot, ankle and lower leg which aids the circulation around the body.

SS: When did you realise that you had created something that had the potential to be a life saver?

NB: I realised that Neo-slip had the potential to be a life saver after seeing nurses and patients struggling to apply the stocking and I began thinking about it and ways in which this problem could be solved. My eureka moment came when I found that certain slippery material will aid the application of the stockings. I did a few experiments at home until I found the perfect material, shape and dimensions. Neo-slip was born.

SS: When did you officially set up your business and how have you gone about marketing and promoting your business?

NB: Neo-innovations UK Ltd was established in November 2011. So far I have had direct sales via my website. I have been partaking in seminars and exhibitions around the UK. I attend networking events and enter Neo-slip into various entrepreneur and nursing competitions. I am currently looking for an opening into a distribution chain.

SS: How has the health/medical industry responded to your product?

NB: I have received excellent feedback and have won awards from the Nursing Standard, Nursing Times, UnLtd charity and I’m supported by the Royal Collage of Nursing. I have also been invited to Deep Vein Thrombosis prevention meetings at the House of Commons.

SS: How do you juggle your business with your parenting responsibilities and work as a nurse?

NB: It can be a challenge at times but it’s definitely achievable. My children are the real driving force behind many of my achievements and it’s so rewarding to see them striving and doing well academically.

SS: How does your Christian faith influence your life and how you go about doing your business?

NB: My faith enables me to have a more tranquil way of looking at life. Things which previously looked like problems and obstacles are now something that I view in a more relaxed way. I now live by a certain unwritten code which helps me to see the good side of things in every situation. I strive to see positive and honest outcomes and this therefore brings peace into my life which flows into the business.

SS:  What are your future plans and hopes for your business?

NB: My future plans include spreading the word about Neo-slip, continuing to practice as a Registered Nurse and my greatest ambition is to have my device in hospitals all over the world and accessible to everyone who needs it.

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