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Christian pens book on how to 'enhance intimacy' in marriage

CHERISHED: Rita Eluwade with her husband

RITA ELUWADE is a woman on a mission. She wants to help build strong marriages within black communities and to achieve her goal, she has written a book entitled Enhancing Intimacy In Ethnic Minority in Christian Marriages.

“I was inspired to write this book for many reasons,” she shared.

“One of which was the amount of sexual unfaithfulness in ethnic Christian marriages. As well as the lack of sexual awareness in most ethnic Christian marriages.”

She found out about sexual unfaithfulness, otherwise known as adultery through general observation and also original research she carried out for the book.

Eluwade adds:

“One of the main findings of this research was the cultural interference in the word of God and the impact this interference plays in the sexual intimacy of ethnic Christian marriages.”

When the author has led workshops and given talks to promote her book amongst couples the issue of sex comes up a lot and always tends to generate the most interest and discussion.

Eluwade currently works as a learning mentor and educational support for children and young people with behavioural issues.

Married for 16 years, with two children, she serves as a counsellor and greeter at the church she attends, Harmony Christian Centre in Dagenham, Essex.

She believes strongly that one of the key issues for marriage breakdown is due to the lack of support couples get from the church and their extended family. In the author's view church leaders could do more to help couples by providing practical teaching about marriage.

“I personally believe that black people are involved in faith more than any other race I know, so leaders in these faith communities should be willing to teach the word of God as it applies to our modern world and the challenges that come with it.”

She also believes that if churches made themselves more approachable, it would go a long way in being the support couples need.

“Today's church must be a church without borders or being judgemental. I believe this would encourage married couples to seek assistance when facing challenges in their marriages. Also, young Christians must be counselled to understand the role of sexual relationships and intimacy in marriage before getting married.”

In response to a query on what she does to maintain a happy marriage, Eluwade admits that she doesn’t do much.

“And to be honest, I don't do much...I have learnt to laugh a lot with my husband. We celebrate life because it is a gift from God which we ought to celebrate and cherish always.

“Finally I don't take myself too serious in my marriage, and this enables me to function in my role as a person, wife and a mother.”

Enhancing Intimacy In Ethnic Minority in Christian Marriages by Rita Eluwade is available on Amazon.

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