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Chronixx: 'It's a divine thing'

READY TO WOW: Chronixx has sold out iconic London venue Alexandra Palace

YOU CAN tell by the look on his face when asked how he feels about selling out Alexandra Palace for his show alongside Protoje this weekend that Chronixx is humbled and appreciative of the support he’s shown in the UK.

The numbers reggae music does in this digital era when contrasted with other genres doesn’t really suggest two Jamaican artists can command the type of attention that an audience would need to have in order to create the fervour seen since the November 11 date was announced. Yet here we are.

It’s the hottest ticket in London town and as Chronixx touched down in his west London hotel, Joel Campbell was there to greet the universally loved Rasta to talk all things music.

“We’re always looking very hopefully into the future,” Chronixx says when responding to whether or not he expected to sell out for this weekend’s show in north London.

He added: “From our first time performing here, second and third time, you could see the natural progression. In a situation like that you just have to be focused on your half of the work.

“You have to know that it’s culture, you know. People will always gravitate towards culture.”

Earlier this year Protoje explained how it came to be that Chronixx had featured twice on his album, A Matter Of Time. The two have collaborated multiple times over the last few years but he explained that this time the coming together was very organic.

“It wasn’t even planned,” Protoje said. He added: “I was just at his house chilling one weekend and he was like, ‘Yo, play me some stuff, I need to feel inspired’. So, I started to play him some tracks from my album and he started to catch a vibe and he was like, ‘Yo, put me on, I need to get into the studio, let me do some work’.

“I was very pleased that he wanted to come and do some music again, so I brainstormed a bit and gave him a track and he came to the studio, worked on it, loved it and then he was playing me something else. We loved that, too, and he wanted to hop on, which I was very receptive to. I kind of really wanted him on one song, which is Flames, which he really liked, so it worked out perfectly.”

Currently on his own A Matter of Time European tour, when it was announced last week that tickets for the Alexandra Palace show had sold out, Protoje said on Instagram: “Just got the news that the London show is completely sold out. That’s Ten Thousand tickets sold. Bless up @chronixxmusic this Ago be a moment. Lots of surprises In store as well.”

Looking forward to the night, Chronixx intimated that it could be one of the most special in his career so far.

“It’s going to be a nice show, I hope people enjoy it. We’re going to do our best to remain focused and when the time comes, we can say exactly what we need to say to the people and be brave about it.

“We’re going to do it primarily for the culture and for the reality that we are here right now and, in the position, to do this, so it must be a divine thing. That’s the energy we have to do these types of shows with because we didn’t have to be (might not have been) here right now.”

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