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Church to launch food hub to help those in need in Tottenham

FOOD HUB: People finding it difficult to feed themselves and their families will be able to get help at centre in Tottenham

GOSPEL TEMPLE Apostolic Church has been awarded more than £4,000 in National Lottery funding to launch a hub in Tottenham to provide food to those in need.

As well as improving access to healthy food options, the hub, which will officially open on Tuesday, February 5 at 11am, will also work to reduce social isolation in the local community for those who are finding it difficult to feed themselves and their loved ones.

Pastor Claudette Young, CEO, Gospel Temple Apostolic Church, said: “This grant is a good gesture of kindness that will help Gospel Temple to show compassion to those who are at risk of hunger but may not readily ask for assistance even though they need it.”

The centre is situated in the Northumberland Park ward of Haringey which has the highest unemployment rate in the borough, and in London. After Tuesday’s launch, the hub will be open each Tuesday between 11am and 3pm.

Positioned opposite Tottenham Jobcentre, the Tottenham Food Hub will aim to be a lighthouse and support individuals who are homeless or may be unemployed. The project will not only bring people together in a safe place and provide them with something to eat but also arrange for individuals to take food home for their families too.

Counselling will also be offered by an experienced care coordinator who can signpost rough sleepers to shelters in the borough to help them get a roof over their heads. This guidance has already helped many to secure employment on construction sites and find independent accommodation.

This food hub is unique in Tottenham in that it is open during the day in the week. Those behind it say this will enable more people to benefit from the service and allow them to support more families who are on tight budgets and are keen to provide healthy food options for their children.

Reflecting on the motivation behind the service, Jason Young, associate pastor at Gospel Temple Apostolic Church, told The Voice: “We are a West Indian Pentecostal church with a penchant for Luke 4:18-19 where Jesus quotes from Isaiah stating that the Spirit is upon him to preach good news to the poor. We believe that God has anointed us to preach the gospel to the unemployed and rough sleepers in Tottenham through the relief of food and social poverty.”

The church, a registered charity, is the local charity of the year for Sainsbury’s Seven Sisters and Sainsbury’s Wood Green Local.

The supermarket gave the church the title in recognition of its compassionate neighbours scheme that delivered food parcels to those who were in need in the local community, as well as visiting the sick and elderly in care homes and hospitals.

The Tottenham Food Hub is located at 639 High Road, Tottenham, London N17 8AA and open Tuesdays, from February 5 onwards, between 11am and 3pm.

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