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Church leader Victoria Lawrence on promoting God’s word

ON A MISSION: Victoria Lawrence wants more children in Africa to have access to the Bible

Soul Stirrings: So, what are you doing at Bible Society?
Victoria Lawrence: I used to work with an amazing social action charity, partnering with churches and leaders in transforming communities. But when someone told me about the role of church engagement manager at Bible Society, I felt the Lord was telling me to apply, so I gave it a go.

Now, I’m with another great organisation that promotes my favourite book all over the world. My role involves serving churches in London and Birmingham, with a particular focus on black minority churches.

I’ve been in the job a couple of months so far.

We want to listen to the needs of churches here in England and Wales, deepening our relationships and partnering together in mission. My aim is to visit as many churches as I can to talk about the Bible.

SS: What’s your own relationship with the Bible?
VL: I’ve always been a church girl. I grew up going to a Christ Apostolic Church and we were very passionate about the Word of God. I didn’t go to clubs or parties, but never felt I missed out, because my church was my community. I have seen the Word of God do magnificent things in my life, from guiding my study at secondary school to healing my mum. I believe firmly in the power of the Bible; I have seen it change many lives, including mine.

SS: What are your top tips for engaging with the Bible better?
VL: First of all, pray and allow the Spirit of God to lead you. Second, believe it’s the word of God and expect it to change your life. We must have an expectation that the Bible will minister to us and provide us with solutions to life’s challenges. And thirdly, engage with the Bible, not because we have a need, but because we love God. The only way to know God better and deeper is through his Word.

SS: How is the Bible Society working to get people to engage with the Bible?
VL: As well as doing this job, I’m also a church leader – so I thought I knew the good resources that were out there. But joining Bible Society has opened my eyes to the amazing resources on offer. In recent years, Bible Society has focused much effort internationally; now, we’re concentrating on work here. There’s so much available to support churches and help Christians engage with the Bible in meaningful ways.

SS: How can Christians here be part of the Bible Society’s work across the globe?
VL: Imagine a church with more than 200 children, eager to learn from the word of God, but not a single children’s Bible between them. That’s the picture in Malawi right now.

I find it heart-breaking. I’d love people to be part of Bible Society’s mission.

To find out more about the Bible Society visit biblesociety.
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