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Church services for transgender people condemned

CAUTION: Nicholas Okoh has criticised the Anglican church

THE HEAD of the Anglican church in Nigeria, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has warned that the Church of England is in ‘grave spiritual danger’ following a decision made at its most recent General Synod to hold services for transgender people to celebrate their new identity.

In a message featured on the official website of Nigeria’s Anglican church, Archbishop Okoh also criticised the Anglican church decision to invite the Bishop of Edinburgh, a supporter of the Scottish Episcopal Church’s decision to allow same sex marriage as a guest of honour to its General Synod. He wrote:

“Although the Church of England’s legal position on marriage has not changed, its understanding of sexual morality has. Same sex relationships, which were described by Lambeth Resolution I.10 of 1998 as ‘incompatible with scripture’, now receive approval at the highest level.”

Archbishop Okoh is a part of GAFCON, a global family of Anglicans who have united to restore the truth of the Bible to the heart of the worldwide Anglican church.

He concluded his message by writing:

“The need for GAFCON to safeguard the integrity and clarity of the global Anglican mission is as urgent as it has ever been.

"Our calling is not to be conformed, but to be transformed. A watching world needs to know that Anglicans are defined first and foremost by faithfulness to the Word of God.”

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