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Clint Dyer presents play exploring cross cultural adoption

PICTURED: Clint Dyer

CLINT DYER is the first black British director of a West end musical, The Big Life in 2005. He’s also the man that asserted that: 'The wonderful thing about being black in this country is that you have an amazing opportunity to be the first at a lot of things.’

Tomorrow night Dyer presents his sold out play The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke in collaboration with Complicite Theatre Company.

Dyer’s new play uses cross cultural adoption as an analogy for the neo-colonial experience and as a lens to view the paradoxes of race and otherness.

The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke uses verbatim text from interviews with Black and dual heritage adoptees giving an unfiltered insight to the truth of the experience, shedding new light on this knotty, urgent subject.

Talking to DJ Ace on 1Xtra recently Dyer shed more light on the troubled mind of 'Frantz', a black man and central figure in The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke who is trying for a baby with his white girlfriend.

“It’s about cross cultural adoption,” He said.

“It’s about a black man and a white women that want to adopt a baby and the question of blackness comes up, and what is that?

“He finds himself in a position where he can’t really answer it without talking about culture as opposed to blackness and what is this thing that she needs to learn to make her able, in his eyes, to bring up a black child.

“So he kind of goes on a quest to talk to lots of adoptees, black and mixed-race people that have gone through the experience of it and this leads him to a self discovery and an observation of the world around that he lives in and the mental impact on him.”

The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke features Javone Prince, Lloyd Everitt, Brian Bovell, Jason Barnett and more.

Written by Dyer and co-directed by himself and maverick director and innovator Simon Mcburney, The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke is also in collaboration with Complicite Theatre Company.

The February 8 performance is already sold out but 'The Happy Tragedy of Being Woke is likely to return for a longer run later this year’.

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