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Club promoter accused of fat shaming size 18 model speaks


A DJ and promoter who has been accused of fat-shaming model Kaisa Henriikka, has spoken out against the claims saying his “intentions were sincere”.

The controversy began as the popular model contacted DJ L in regards to planning her birthday party at a London club. According to the promoter, the conversation about her weight began when she mentioned in her initial message that she is a “professional plus size model” and was brought up again later in the conversation as they confirmed details [see below].

Screenshots obtained from DJ L

"One last question are all the guests plus-size models?" He asked. "We are not trying to be rude but we know for a fact some clubs can be funny and we do not want to send you there, if it's 2 to 3 girls in your group that is fine, hope you understand."

Henriikka was clearly taken aback by the response, asking: "So you only want skinny people in your clubs?"

The promoter from the @guestlist_vip_birthday_tables Instagram page replied explaining they had been "told to ask", saying: "Not us I am just telling you what they told us as a company we do not what to say OK send you there and you do not get in [sic]...We were told to ask you are all your guests plus size models."

Screenshots obtained from DJ L

Since the exchange, Henriikka has shared screenshots of the conversation with her 21,000 Instagram followers, sparking debate and support from followers who’ve labelled him a “fat-shamer”.

The model then took to Instagram stories to further explain the incident, telling her followers: “I find it highly offending and I can’t believe that people would discriminate because of size and I just want to make a big deal out of this because it’s not okay and I want to fight.”

According to DJ L, his intent was to warn Henriikka of the potential discrimination she may face at some clubs, but now regrets saying anything at all.

“All I was trying to do was accommodate her and her friends - that can be clearly seen from our conversation,” he said to The Voice. “Why did she even have to mention her weight? As as a black person I get discriminated against, so I know what that’s really like. Any type of discrimination is not nice, whether it’s race, religion, social class, height, age, sexuality or disability and that definitely wasn’t my intentions.

“She has a right to feel offended by any institution that discriminates against her because of her weight, but she’s blowing this out of proportion.”

DJ L, who’s worked in the industry for over 20 years and is the owner of London Club Nights App, added that anyone can face discrimination and that he was trying to limit that on her behalf.

Speaking to The Sun, he added: “"It's caused me a lot of stress, all I've tried to do is accommodate this girl. Even if you're not dressed right you can be turned away, or if you're in a big group, I know how it work.”

"They're shooting the messenger. I love seeing people enjoying themselves and I didn't want to send 10 people there for them not to get in."
DJ L says he does not have a connection with any of the clubs and has not been in contact with Henrikka since the controversy.

“I have had a backlash on social media and I feel certain organisations may distance themselves from me as a result. This is my company, my name and my livelihood.”

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