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Commission studying violence in Jamaica to launch

PICTURED: Andrew Holness

JAMAICA’S PRIME Minister Andrew Holness has said he will launch a commission to study violence in Jamaica early next year, and he’ll be expecting that commission to make recommendations to Government about what can be done to create a more caring and loving society, Caribbean 360 reports.

Speaking at a town hall meeting at the Howard University College of Medicine in Washington DC, Holness said: “I think that that is very important to our brand because violence is tarnishing Jamaica.

“We have invested in marine patrol aircraft to have surveillance of our borders to help with the interdiction of drug traffickers and gun smugglers and contraband movement through our waters,” Holness said.

He further noted that the Government is undertaking a number of other measures to improve security, including the full mobilization of the security forces in communities where crimes are being committed.

“We are working very hard to address this problem, but it is not in a haphazard way. There is Plan Secure Jamaica, which is a multifaceted approach to making security a Whole-of-Government endeavour, and, indeed, we are bringing on the entire government to address the security issue, and it is working,” Holness added.

Last year, 1,616 people were murdered in Jamaica. However, according to Caribbean 360 Holness has promised that within the next decade, the country’s murder rate and level of violence will be significantly reduced.

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