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Common on R.Kelly documentary: “We failed as a community”


FOLLOWING THE premiere of the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R.Kelly, many stars and former supporters have shared their thoughts on the six-part series and the alleged abuse from the disgraced singer.

The latest to share their opinion is rapper and actor Common, who told TMZ that he believes the black community failed the survivors. In the video below, The Light rapper said he believes that if R. Kelly was molesting and abusing women who weren't black the support of the victims would have been much greater.

"If it wasn’t just black women that he was molesting and abusing, he would have been attacked by the system in a different way, meaning the system doesn't have a value for black women the way they know white women or just other nationalities," he said.

"Obviously, R.Kelly from everything we’ve seen, he had some issues that really have to be worked on - some deep, heavy issues. I’m not one to judge him but i’m not condoning that ever. For the survivors I feel a lot of compassion for them.”

He added: “We failed as a community because we knew that these things were happening and instead of trying [to help], we [were] just rocking to the music. I'm guilty of that myself because I didn't stop and be like 'no! and speak against this."

Many people who commented on the video clip agreed with Common’s views. One user said: “I agree with Common. It's OUR responsibility, not anyone else's. Everybody is talking out now, but everyone, all the bystanders, were silent and complicit while it was happening because they were getting paid. You know that the black community has a taboo against "being a snitch" and we mind our own business if it doesn't directly affect us. I feel like if there were white victims, it would have been reported sooner.”

Another user wrote: “He’s exactly right. If you see a grown ass man at a high school everyday talking to underaged girls as they said they did in the documentary, then you are part of the problem. If you didn’t do anything about it and you walked into the studio and witnessed R Kelly with multiple underaged girls s and didn’t do anything about it but waited several years later to say how sick R Kelly is, you are part of the problem.”

Watch the full clip below.

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