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Community to turn Notting Hill Carnival green for Grenfell

REMEBERANCE: Notting Hill Carnival to remember those who lost their lives in Grenfell Tower through a series of actions

SURVIVORS OF the Grenfell Tower fire and the wider community of North Kensington are calling on all attendees of this year’s Notting Hill Carnival (Sunday 27 – Monday 28 August) to show solidarity with the ongoing plight of those most deeply affected by wearing green to this year’s event.

They ask that we turn the carnival area green, and are encouraging attendees to wear green as a sign of empathy and acknowledgment with the dead and survivors of Grenfell Tower.

The survivors have also asked that attendees respect a protective area around the Lancaster West housing estate, where Grenfell Tower is located. A separate quiet reflection zone will be provided on the Carnival procession route for respectful contemplation in sight of Grenfell Tower. This zone will be marked out separately in yellow.

These actions, coupled with the silences that will be held over the weekend, will allow people from across London and the world to take part in a mass movement of solidarity that will send a message of love and togetherness globally.

Carnival will fall ten weeks after the fire. At the time of writing, those impacted are still in the process of healing. The majority of survivors from this unprecedented event are still yet to be permanently rehoused.

Resident group Grenfell United have the backing of a wide range of community groups and are asking for support to ensure that Notting Hill Carnival is supportive of survivors:

1. The closure of Lancaster West Estate (which Grenfell Tower forms a part of) to the general public to ensure the immediate area is untouched by the event. Special arrangements have been made with Latimer Road Station to restrict what is usually a busy route through to Carnival.

2. Turning carnival green. In the weeks following the fire, local school children decided to wear green as a sign of remembrance for their friends and family members from Grenfell.

The community now wants to expand this theme to Notting Hill Carnival with the wider community of Carnival attendees following suit. Members of the North Kensington community are encouraging all attendees to this year’s event to come as green as they can: green t-shirts, jumpsuits, shorts, trainers, socks, bandanas, hair, flags, hats.

Plans are also underway for local artists, children and volunteers to create green artworks, memorials and banners across the Notting Hill area to turn the whole of the community green as a sign of support.

3. Creating a quiet zone for contemplation. A number of streets along the procession route lead to Grenfell Tower. The community has organised a quiet zone for reflection around the junction of Lancaster Road and Ladbroke Grove.

Whilst moving through the reflection zone all carnival floats will switch off their music and all those in sight of the tower will be encouraged to pass respectfully in quiet contemplation. The area will be yellow, as a mark of respect and remembrance toward those still missing.

4. Moments of silence. The community will be supporting a moment of silence across the whole of the Carnival footprint on both Sunday and Monday at 3pm. There will be a three-minute lead-up to the silence to ensure everyone is ready for what will be a defining moment in the residents quest for answers and justice.

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