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Confidence-boosting book teaches women how to achieve

PIONEER: Dr Patricia Benjamin.

A LONDON-based minister has released a new book for women who want to achieve courage and confidence.

'7 Habits of Highly Fabulous Women' by Dr Patricia Benjamin is being heralded as an inspiration for women who seek to follow their dreams. The book is complimented by the Highly Fabulous Women website where life coaching and other self-improvement tools are available.

The award-winning media personality said: “I am very happy to introduce the debut of my new book. (...) I am excited at the opportunity to help women achieve courage and confidence. I want to help encourage them to succeed in attaining their goals and dreams.”

Dr Benjamin explains that '7 Habits of Highly Fabulous Women' is about not being perfect but 'being fabulous' instead. Key principles are applied within the book so women can learn, as Patricia has, that being full of courage and confidence can be achieved despite failure and shortcomings. It is an hands-on approach to self-betterment and self-acceptance.


Passionate about teaching courage and confidence to women around the world, married mother-of-four Patricia is also an international lifestyle coach, who was previously sought out by Channel 4.

She's received the Black Entertainment Film and Fashion Awards (BEFFTA) for Best Radio Personality and was just given an honorary doctorate from Westminister University in July, 2017.

'7 Habits of Highly Fabulous Women' is available for download on Amazon kindle.

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