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Cosby judge denies motion to step down from sentencing

MOTION DENIED: Bill Cosby is due to be sentenced in days

THE JUDGE appointed to sentence Bill Cosby has denied the actor’s legal team’s motion for a recusal.

Cosby’s lawyers had filed a motion for the judge presiding over the sentencing to recuse himself, meaning that he would step down from the proceedings, and reverse the order that enabled the trial that resulted in a guilty verdict.

The last-ditch attempt to save Cosby from a possible long-term jail sentence was based on an accusation that judge Steven O’Neill was biased against Cosby because of an alleged grudge he held against a former prosecutor, Bruce Castor, who had testified that the elderly actor could not be prosecuted back in 2016.

In his response to the motion from the defence, judge O’Neill wrote: “The motion is untimely and, thus, waived.”

He added: “The sum and substance of the motion is based on a March 28, 2018, unsourced tabloid article posted by Radar Online, a website described by the defendant as an ‘internet gossip site’.”

The court "This court is confident that it has and can continue to assess this case in an impartial manner, free of personal bias or interest in the outcome.
"This Court finds no merit in any of the bases alleged by the Defendant and Court will not recuse itself."

The judge’s decision comes just days before Cosby, 81, is due to be sentenced.
In April of this year, Cosby was convicted of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand at his home in 2004.

He could face up to 30 years in jail, although the guideline sentence for the crime is around one to four years imprisonment.

More than 60 women have made accusations of sexual assault and harassment against the disgraced star.

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