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Cricketers show off culture

GIVING TO THE POOR: The Maasai Warriors meet Robin Hood outside Nottingham Castle with students and supporters from Mojatu and Nottingham Trent University

THE MAASAI Cricket Warriors are in Nottingham this month on a UK tour to promote Kenyan culture and raise awareness of issues including gender inequality and the End FGM Campaign.

Hosted by the Mojatu Foundation and Nottingham Trent University, the Warriors are taking part in cricket matches, festivals, a conference and cultural events.

Formed in 2007, the team use their fame and love for cricket to inspire and educate young people and communities on social justice.

They play in their traditional clothing, blood-red ‘shukas’ and bright, beaded necklaces, and are famous for drawing on their skills of spear-throwing and using a shield to bat and bowl.

The Mojatu Foundation helped get Nottingham City to declare “zero tolerance” to FGM – the first European city to do so.

Valentine Nkoyo, the tour organiser and CEO of Mojatu, said: “The team is really changing attitudes of male-dominated communities to value girls’ and women’s rights while advocating for gender equality and we hope to have a legacy.”

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