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Crowdfund launches for London's 1st black feminist bookshop

PICTURED: Black womens' reading group

A WOMAN has launched a crowdfunder to launch London’s first black feminist bookshop, The Bookseller reports.

The campaign was started by digital consultant Dee Creative and launched on Saturday (Jan 5). So far, the campaign has gained £2,000 worth of funding in three days, with an aim to gain £5,000.

On her crowdfund page, Dee explains: “I have started this crowdfunder because it has been my lifelong goal to open a black feminist bookshop, and over the last year I have begun setting the wheels in motion to turn this dream into a reality: to create a safe and welcoming space where black women can explore and discuss literary works that centre and reflect the black female experience.

“While my main audience will be black women, I believe that everybody would benefit from engaging with back feminist texts, because as well as offering a radical perspective on resistance, resilience and perseverance, they also offer an opportunity to become better informed about race, gender and inclusion.”

Dee says the bookshop will function as a store and event space, and will have a selection of free books available for those who want to sit and read. Additionally, visitors will have access to new and second hand black feminist and QTIOPOC literature and books that explore identity, culture written by women of colour, with plans to open in 2020.

Before a permanent location is set up, Creative will run a travelling pop-up stall, launching later this year, which will feature at various events and in community spaces, and she has appealed for event organisers to contact her.

“To make London's first Black feminist bookshop a reality is a huge challenge but if everyone who saw this crowdfunder donated and/or shared the campaign, I believe it can happen,” adds Dee.

To contribute, visit:

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