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Dad’s creative nappy-changing technique sparks debate

TURNING THE TABLES: A father-of-three has launched a campaign for baby-changing facilities to be included in men's public bathrooms

A PHOTOGRAPH of a father squatting in a men’s bathroom in order to change his son’s nappy has sparked a debate on the availability of changing tables.

Donte Palmer was forced to change his young son’s nappy without the aid of a changing table as they are not a feature of men’s public toilets.

In the photograph, the father-of-three can be seen bending down in a public bathroom, with his son stretched across his legs.

Palmer shared the image to highlight the need for improved male access to baby-changing facilities.

He told BBC Breakfast: “We went to the restroom and there was no changing table around so I got into my perfect man squat. I threw Liam over my lap and I began to change him.”

When he returned to the table at the restaurant in Florida he discovered that the pictures had been taken and showed his wife and said that they “had a good laugh”.

But the conversation soon turned serious when Palmer’s wife pointed out the inequality that the image illustrated.

“It’s what my wife said to me that stuck out, she said, ‘It’s weird how mothers don’t have to get creative...Make innovative ways for changing a diaper but you had to do, you had to be creative, you had to do a ninja squat to change our son,” he told BBC Breakfast.

He added: “I want to see father and mother equality. I want to see all of us on the same page and shatter those gender boxes.”

Palmer has started a hashtag campaign, Squat for Change, to promote equality among parents and encourage the inclusion of baby-changing facilities in public spaces that can be used by both mothers and fathers.

Fathers have already begun to show support for Palmer’s campaign and recounted their own experiences of having to resort to unconventional methods to change their children’s nappies.

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