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Damilola Taylor's father urges more stop and searches

SPEAKING UP: Richard Taylor

RICHARD TAYLOR, the father of murdered schoolboy Damilola Taylor, has called on new Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick to increase stop and search in oredr to halt knife crime in London.

Taylor said the Met should expand the controversial tactic but urged police to adopt a “more humane” way of stopping and searching young people.

Mr Taylor, whose ten-year-old son was stabbed to death in Peckham in 2000, said: “It’s become so uncontrollable, beyond my imagination. I cannot imagine why young people have now taken it to that level, treating it as a game to kill each other.

“I don’t think those kids have heart, if you can take a knife to go and pierce it through another person. They know what they are doing, they really want to kill.”

VICTIM: Damilola Taylor

Eight teenagers have been murdered in London so far this year, five of them in knife attacks while the Met has recorded a 24 per cent rise in knife crime.

Mr Taylor, a former civil servant who leads the charity Damilola Taylor Trust, said: “Stop and search has to be increased. They should review the method by which they carry it out at the moment and change the strategy.

“You don’t need to use that force, to pin someone down – you have to find a more humane way of doing it. You have to target the people carrying knives, you have to watch them, study their family background.”

The Met has dramatically scaled back the number of stop and searches carried out in London in recent years following controversy over the use of the tactic.

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