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Dancing Windrush pensioner's wish to return to Jamaica

PICTURED: Albert Johnson with Betty Scott (Image: Nottingham Post)

SHOPPERS IN Nottingham may have been familiar with seeing a certain pensioner dancing in the streets but they are unlikely to know the man behind the moves.

A clip of Johnson dancing proved popular online and now the Nottingham Post has uncovered his identity.

Johnson, who is know to his friends as Pretty, was spotted in the city joyfully dancing to the music played by a busker.

The 88-year-old, a member of the Windrush Generation, told the Nottingham Post: "More people should dance - it keeps me fit and I feel an enjoyment out of it. On Sunday I just felt like moving my feet."

Although he is well now, a few years ago, that was not the case.

Betty Scott, a carer, gave Johnson refuge in her home three years ago when she discovered that he was in need of somewhere to stay.

Scott also helped Johnson secure his citizenship papers and a passport, documents he did not have previously as a result of coming over to the UK from Jamaica as a child.

Now Scott, who also has Jamaican heritage, is hoping to help Johnson return to the country of his birth, which he has not visited since 1974.

The 56-year-old wants to take Johnson, who she describes as part of the family, with her to Jamaica when she goes for a holiday in November.

She said: “It would be a pleasure to take him along with me, to show him all the changes that [have] been made since he was last in Jamaica...he may not get this chance again.”

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