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Danish minister apologises to Ghana for slave trade

REMORSE: Anders Samuelsen

DENMARK HAS apologised to Ghana for the role they played in the slave trade.

During a Danish visit to Ghana, under the direction of Queen Margarethe, Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen expressed regret for the slave trade that the kingdom of Denmark-Norway operated between 1670 and 1802, the Norwegian ABC Nyheter portal reported.

"It's a shameful and unforgivable part of Danish history," said Samuelsen "Nothing can justify the exchange of men, women and children in which Denmark participated."

On April 20, 1663, Denmark conquered Christiansborg and Carlsborg on what was once called the Gold Coast. It became the center for the Danish-Norwegian acquisitions of slaves, which were then transported to the Danish colonies in the Caribbean, where they were put in to slave on the sugar plantations.

Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen said earlier this year to Danish TV2 during a visit to what was the Danish colonies in the Caribbean that the slave trade was "unforgivable" but refused to apologise.

TV2 asks if it is due to fear of compensation claims, Løkke said: "I say that slave trade was unforgivable. It's about when something is unforgivable, you can not get forgiveness. Then you can apologise as many times as you want, without using it."

Local media in Ghana have regarded Samuelsen's statement as an apology for the slave trade that continued until Dano-Norwegian empire dissolved in 1814, as Norway was conquered by Sweden.

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