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Dave responds to those offended by Black


DAVE HAS responded to reports that some Radio 1 listeners have been offended by his new song Black.

The rapper’s latest single from his debut album Psychodrama, celebrates blackness but also highlights some of the struggles, obstacles and prejudice faced by black Britons.

Opening with the lyrics, “Look, black is beautiful, black is excellent”.

Dave goes on to say: “They take our features when they want and have their fun with it. Never seem to help with all the things we know would come with it. Loud in our laughter, silent in our suffering.”

The song’s title and lyrical content has upset some Radio 1 listeners, prompting DJs on the station to tell critics to “educate themselves”.

Now Dave has shared his thoughts on the backlash.

He told Radio 1 Newsbeat: "I'm just happy to be able to put out a message and affect people.”

He added: "If they take to it then they do - if they don't, then it's like that with all of my music.

"I don't necessarily have a massive opinion on that.

"People have been doing it before me. People will continue to be doing it after me.”

The video for Black, which was released last month, features a whole host of famous black Brits.

Champion sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, designer Ozwald Boateng, Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling and Anne-Marie Imafidon, former child prodigy and co-founder of Stemettes, all star in the music video.

With over 1.5 million views on YouTube, those who have an issue with Black appear to be a vocal minority.

Reactions to the song and the video have been extremely positive, with black fans articulating how well Dave has expressed the sentiments and experiences of many black people in Britain.

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