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Death of ‘inspirational’ Beryl

REMEMBERED: Beryl Eunice Manning

TRIBUTES HAVE been paid to south east London community figure Beryl Eunice Manning.

Beryl, who died last month at the age of 92, was one of the original founding members of Camberwell Credit Union – a now recognised creditable financial institution.

She was also an active member of Camberwell’s St. Giles’ church for more than 60 years and played an active role in the Mother’s Union.

The grandmother was part of the Windrush generation. She was a seamstress who migrated to the UK, leaving behind her then, small family, to set up home and create a better life.

A spokesperson for the family told The Voice: “Beryl was a strong and traditional woman, full of wisdom that spanned across five generations. She always helped and looked out for everyone, she was a mother to many.

For the glorious 92 years, she lived it to the fullest, travelling the world, adopting children in West Africa. May you rest in eternal peace Beryl Manning, our beloved mother, sister, grandmother, but most of all – a true icon and inspiration to us all.

"Beryl touched many lives and will continue to be loved unconditionally, as her legacy will live on through her beloved family.”

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