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Dele Alli, Not3s & Michael Dapaah talk embarrassing moments

TEAMING UP: Michael Dappah, Not3s and Deli Alli

THE WORLD of football, music and comedy collided in the capital - as Dele Alli, Michael Dapaah and Not3s all joined forces to celebrate the arrival of Lynx’s new ‘Gold’ grooming range.

The trio - in partnership with the UK’s leading male grooming brand*- are encouraging British guys up and down the country to be their best and most confident selves whenever they face life’s most awkward or embarrassing situations.

A recent study* revealed that young men aged 16-24 experienced insecurities 84 days a year in day-to-day situations. Results also showed that this age group are feeling confident just a quarter of the time (7.5 days a month).

As Alli, Dapaah and Not3s prepare to face a jam-packed summer in 2018 – the three stars gathered together for a rare hang-out to exchange their own ‘cringe-worthy’ stories they’ve each faced throughout their personal and professional careers.

Michael Dapaah revealed an embarrassing performance highlight saying: “During a performance I fell off the stage and instantly reacted by rolling under it. I then rolled back out and started doing push ups and made out that was my original intention. It worked, and I got back up and finished my performance.”

Reflecting over the last few years, Spurs midfielder Dele Alli revealed he too can be susceptible to a moment he’s needed to push through and not let it affect his persona.

He said: “All sports players have made mistakes in games and the majority of lads have had to deal with an embarrassing situation at some time in their life! I’ve grown to learn these moments will happen but how you handle it is the important thing!

"Everyone can relate to these situations, which is why it’s great to be working with Lynx, as I like the sentiment behind You Gold," Alli added. "It’s important young guys feel confident enough to style out situations, no matter what life throws their way.”

Emerging urban rap artist Not3s has landed on the UK music scene with his most recent single ‘My Lover’, collaborating with the Brit Award critics’ choice nominee, Mabel, and has joined the Lynx team.

Not3s said: “Every now and again, I might forget the odd line of a chorus or a rap, and I completely have to style it out to get through the performance. Thankfully, these days my fans show mad love and sing along to every word – which also gives me that extra confidence to push through the situation. It’s cool to be working with Lynx to inspire other guys to do the same”.

Jamie Brooks, Lynx UK Brand Manager, commented: “The You Gold range is designed to help guys be their true confident self. When a guy smells fresh and feels great, he can hopefully be the best version of himself as he can be."

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