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Deportations of six Jamaicans halted

DEPORTATIONS: Campaigners have revealed that several Jamaican detainees have had their removal from the UK halted

AT LEAST six British residents who were set to be deported from the UK to Jamaica on a charter flight today have had their removals halted.

Among those granted a last minute reprieve are Owen Haisley, who came to the UK aged four in 1977 and was granted indefinite leave to remain when he was 11 years old.

Haisley, who lives in Manchester and is a father of three, has served a 12 month jail sentence for assaulting his ex-partner.

The woman that he assaulted is among those calling for him to remain in the UK, ITV News reported.

In addition to Haisley, Marzel Bolton, Christopher Richards and Lascelles White are also understood to have been granted a last-minute reprieve to remain in the UK, according to The Guardian.

Twane Morgan, a former British army soldier who fought in Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD, has also had his deportation halted.

The father-of-five’s removal was stopped as a result of an injunction, which was granted yesterday evening. It means his case will be reviewed.

Around 50 people are believed to be scheduled to be removed from the UK to Jamaica today. The timing of the flight has not been confirmed.

One woman used social media to share the heartache and devastation experienced by the families of those who were told their relatives would be deported.

She wrote on Twitter: “Yep, my nephew and niece are just two of them. We had a normal Xmas, 50th birthday, New year, 16th birthday (daughter) last week, 13th (son) next week. Woke up this morning to tell them, boom! dad's gone. Can maybe come back in ten years, they should Skype him. Life's changed.”

She added: “Last night my sister packed a bag for her husband of 20 years to be deported. I sat with her at 3.30am as we waited for possible news of a reprieve. It didn't come. That's my baby sister, I can't help her or my niece and nephew, words can't express how we feel right now.”


Several MPs have called on the government to halt the deportations.

Janet Daby, the Labour MP for Lewisham East, wrote a letter to the home secretary along with 57 other MPs requesting the government brings an immediate halt to the removals.

“We have little faith in the Home Office that has made devastating decisions on the lives of the Windrush Generation and that has not only fairly considered the cases of those on this flight.

"Additionally, it is outrageous that this is happening while the Windrush Generation are awaiting decisions on their resident/citizen status and who are living in debt and just about surviving while having not seen a penny of compensation or hardship money,” the letter reads.

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