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DETOXING HAS been extremely popular for quite a while now, with some making it a regular thing to do as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most see it as an opportunity to eliminate all toxins and the effects of ‘bad’ food and drink from their diets, be it alcohol, sweets and chocolates or processed foods.

Yes, getting rid of old habits will prove beneficial to your health – however introducing new ways to cleanse the body can have great results.

Take a look at these detox tips you may never have heard of:


Eating bitter foods can help to naturally purge the liver. These can include things such as greens, like dandelion, arugula, and escarole. Bitter teas are also an option - peppermint and milk thistle are popular.


Water is often overlooked on a cleanse, but drinking filtered, slightly alkaline water is recommended. It plays such a major role in our bodies so should always we drink good, clean, healing water.


Raw cacao is a must when you’re detoxing. Cacao is high in minerals and antioxidants and will support your body before, during, or after a cleanse.


Chinese medicinal mushrooms can strengthen as well as detoxify the organs. They can be drunk as a tea throughout the day or can be added to smoothies or any healthy drinks.


When we talk of detoxing, cooking utensils don’t usually pop to mind. However, ceramic cookware at home has many benefits. It steams food and holds all the nutrients inside, so you’re getting the best-possible results.


Food combining

It is not discouraged to eat a variety of foods on a detox, and can sometimes be very beneficial. For example, eating an acid or enzyme-rich fruit, such as pineapple, before dinner or a glass of apple cider vinegar in warm water before dinner can promote healthy digestion.

Wild herbs

Wild herbs and weeds, like dandelion or lambs quarter, are great to include during a cleanse, or whenever possible. They act as natural tonics to support healthy detoxification.

Raw foods

Raw vegetables and low-glycaemic fruits, like berries, should be eaten as much as possible. A low-glycaemic diet is perfect for anyone suffering from inflammation – it will support your body, and can slow down the cellular ageing process.


When cleansing, it’s a good idea to avoid foods known as nightshades. These include brightly-coloured vegetables such as aubergine, peppers, and tomatoes. These foods can cause allergies and inflammation, so it is best to avoid them if you can.

Fennel tea

Drinking fennel tea and adding tumeric to your smoothies, is a great idea. Fennel is a natural diuretic, and turmeric will help curb inflammation.

Metabolic enzymes

Taking metabolic enzymes can be very beneficial and plays a major part in assisting with the breakdown of waste matter and help to expel the cellular waste build up. These enzymes help the body to detox by breaking down toxic substances so they can be excreted.

Good old-fashioned positivity!

The mind plays a major role when it comes to gut health, so it is important to be mindful of toxic relationships and toxic media. These will stress out the body and can slow down digestion and the elimination of toxins.

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