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The divide and rule game

TWEET: Dianne Abbott

THE LABOUR party love to divide and rule us. Instead of taking a moment to consider what shadow health minister Diane Abbott meant in her tweet ‘White people love to divide and rule’, Labour party leader Ed Miliband decided to gag her and allow MP Chuka Umunna to chastise her publicly.

Why did they have to get the only other black person in the shadow cabinet to diss the Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP? More importantly, why did Chuka Umunna allow himself to become the ‘great divider'?
This is a man that I have championed and touted in this very column as the British Obama. The MP who is most likely to become the first black party leader as soon as here today, gone tomorrow Miliband gets sent to the House of Lords - or wherever Labour leaders who don't win elections are sent.

I have hailed Umunna as Britain's soon-to-be first PM, but why did he allow himself to be the cannon fodder to diss the longest serving black MP, and the first black woman MP, in the country? Where are his impeccable manners when he needs them - does he not know that Diane is like Lady Di, you can't disrespect her. Would he do a Margaret Thatcher and describe Nelson Mandela as a terrorist?

Come on, Chuka, I'm supposed to be a mate. Why don't you pick up the phone and ask for advice from Uncle Dotun, or any of the veterans who are experts on divide and rule? I would have told you what you should have said to Miliband.


Liverpool Football Club love to divide and rule. Otherwise they would have prevented defender Glen Johnson from dividing the community by wearing a Luis Suarez t-shirt in the very week that the FA ruled that the Uruguayan striker had been racially abusive to Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

That Johnson was not prevented from making a complete idiot of himself when he declared his support for Suarez at such a sensitive time was divisive. And those high profile black celebs who support the scousers have been forced to keep a low profile. People like Spoony are nowhere to be seen. I hear they're walking alone.

As for Glen Johnson, who has by his eagerness to be seen as ‘one of the lads', he will hardly be taken seriously in the black community even when he is racially abused. Which one of us will back him then?

You only need to look at black history to see how white people have divided and ruled, from enslavement to civil rights, and still today. Diane Abbott should know that nowadays black people divide and rule too. I'm not sure whether they ‘love' to do it or whether they just do it to be loved.

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