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DJs speak out after listeners offended by Dave's song Black

RADIO 1 DJs have told listeners that it’s their problem if they are offended by Dave’s new song Black after some complained about the track.

The song, which begins with the lyrics “Look, black is beautiful, black is excellent” celebrates blackness and explores the impact of institutional and historic racism.

It is the first single from the 20-year-old’s debut album Psychodrama, set for release on March 8.

Yesterday, after playing the track on his breakfast show, Greg James, who described the song as “proper brilliant” and praised Dave for making it, told listeners who had issues with the song to educate themselves.

He said: “By the way if you’ve got a problem with the content of the Dave track, the problem is with you and you need to read up and go and educate yourself a bit, open your eyes. It’s a really great track.”

DJ Annie Mac, who presents Radio 1’s primetime weekday evening show from Monday to Thursday and the station’s Friday night dance show, has also spoken out about some listeners being offended by the song.

PICTURED: Greg James and Annie Mac

She tweeted: “It’s so very frustrating to see so many negative comments from listeners when I, and other BBC R1 DJs play the Santandave track Black. Let me get this straight, if you are genuinely offended by a man talking about the colour of his skin and how it has shaped his identity, then that is a problem for you.

“It’s a real issue that a song so intelligent, so thought provoking so excellently put together can actually offend you. It’s not just okay to talk about race. It is crucial. Listen to the song with open ears. Please.”

She added: “Also shout to Greg James for [just saying] his piece about this on the R1 Breakfast Show just now.”

Responding to Mac’s tweet, one commenter said: “Couldn’t care less Annie as long as it’s the same for all skin colours, which, in this day and age, sadly it is not. The song ‘white’ would inevitably create uproar, which is equally frustrating.”

Another said: “It’s really frustrating to see some responses to Dave’s track. But it shows why tracks like Black are so important. So people are forced to hear things that might be outside of their lives and hopefully open their minds to thoughts and ideas that are new to them. Well I hope so.”

Earlier this week, Dave announced the dates for his Psychodrama tour.

He will perform 15 dates between April 9 and May 3. Tickets go on sale Thursday.

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