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Domino champions celebrate record season

CELEBRATION: Dianne Augustin from Jamaica National Bank hands out one of the prizes to a Brixton Immortals team member

BRIXTON IMMORTALS, the newly-crowned Anglo Caribbean Domino Champions, hosted their annual dinner and dance presentation event on February 10 at the Brixton Social Club and patrons had a wonderful evening of excellent food, fun, laughter and partied well into the wee hours of the night.

The colour theme for the event was red to coincide with the Valentine period which was worn with pride by the ladies and men. This year’s event was well attended and the club welcomed its sponsors, Jamaica National Bank and Victoria Mutual Finance Ltd.

The evening started with a delicious meal prepared by Nadine Lovelace, the club’s celebrated chef and captain who prepared a beautiful display of Caribbean cuisine. This was then preceded with the award ceremony in which players were recognised for their performance throughout the tournament along with their contributions to the team.

Overall, the team played exceptionally well and created new records in the annual domino tournament which attracted other clubs from all over the UK. Brixton Immortals was the first ever team to win so many matches in one season while losing only one. After beating the Mighty Wolverhampton in the final, they were crowned champions for 2018.

Dianne Augustin and Kimona Wilson from Jamaica National Bank handed out trophies and special awards to the following team members for their own exceptional performances throughout the season.

PICTURED: Members of the Brixton Immortals team enjoy dinner at the clubs presentation evening

Mark Douglas (a.k.a Lara) and Donald Douglas (a.k.a Dego) placed fifth in the league and Mervin Stewart (a.k.a Arsmhouse) and Clifton Oddman both received trophies for fourth place.

Carlyle Gordon (a.k.a Police) and Roger Parks were both third place winners, while Samuel Ellis (a.k.a Billy The Kidd) and Copeland Whitelock (a.k.a Vinni) were second place. Both members were also recognised and applauded for being the longest serving Brixton Immortal members.

The two winners who received best players prizes were Trueman Coke (a.k.a Sobers) and Milton Walker (a.k.a The Teacher), who played exceptionally well throughout the season and receive ‘man of the match’ award for the majority of the games played.

Andrea Bernard (a.k.a Sible) was awarded a special trophy for being the most encouraging, charismatic and motivational supporter throughout the tournament.

A special thank you was given to Nadine Lovelace for all her hard work as team captain and chef. She was described as the foundation of the team as they could not have broken so many records without her assistance.

A lovely evening was had by all with some positive motivational speeches in recognition of all the contribution by the Brixton team members.

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