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Donda West would’ve questioned Kanye’s marriage, says friend

HAPPIER TIMES: Donda and Kanye West

A FORMER friend of Kanye West’s mother, claims she would have questioned her son’s decision to marry Kim Kardashian.

Dr Brenda Aghahowa aired her views on Kanye’s controversial behaviour in the new BBC Three documentary, Searching For… Kanye.

In the doc, Dr Aghahowa said: “I don’t know where some of this is coming from, he’s married Kim Kardashian I guess. I can hear Donda saying, ‘You couldn’t find an African queen to marry?’ No offence to Kim Kardashian but, Are we black women not good enough or what?”’

Kanye married Kim in 2014, after dating for two years. The rapper has previously discussed being in an interracial relationship and claimed that he believed they ‘broke boundaries’ in a 2016 interview.

Dr Aghahowa, who was Donda’s successor at Chicago State University, said Kanye’s mother would have also been disappointed about his support for republican President Donald Trump.

“I think she’d be scratching her head a little bit because Donda, as I knew her politically, was more democratic than republican,” she added. “And I don’t think she would have trumpeted Trump as the best president for black people ever or some of the things Kanye is said to have said.

“I know Donda would be scratching her head about a lot of the choices he’s made and a lot of the things he’s said publicly but, she would still love him like we all do. He’s a musical genius so on my part there’s no judgement.”

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