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Dotun Adebayo’s “Snip In Time” just doesn’t cut it with me

CHOP: Bart Chan hits back at Adebayo's "vehement attack on uncircumcised male genitalia"

DOES MALE circumcision decrease the chances of passing on HIV/AIDS to female sexual partners? To an extent, there is some evidence, which suggests this is the case.

However, just because there have been sample tests done (three trials in three different African countries: South Africa; Uganda; and Kenya), it does not mean it is globally conclusive, and neither does it put to bed the issue of sexual health and foreskin removal.

Thus Dotun Adebayo’s vehement attack on uncircumcised male genitalia is somewhat confusing for those not well versed on the subject.

Recently Adebayo wrote in his Voice column, titled Snip In Time that men who are uncircumcised carry a “multitude of diseases”, a claim, which as well as being ridiculous, is scientifically unhinged.

Adebayo’s piece seems unable to distinguish between the basic facts of hard science and hocus pocus baloney, bundling together ill-conceived assumptions with medical testing.

The World Health Organisation states: “Male circumcision for religious or traditional reasons frequently takes place in a non-clinical setting”.

“Circumcisions undertaken in unhygienic conditions by inexperienced providers with inadequate instruments, or with poor after-care, can result in very serious complications, including death.”

Obviously, conditions must be improved for anyone seeking such an important surgical operation. Nonetheless, the current state of numerous less developed countries, where circumcision is in demand, reinforces how vital it is that people are properly informed about every implication of the procedure, and are aware of how it will affect them both physically and emotionally.

It is an issue of human rights too, as WHO acknowledges. Hence, is it morally right to cut off a part of someone else’s body without their consent, be they a six-week-old baby or a 20 something adult?

Adebayo’s lackadaisical words forge a mirage around circumcision. He writes: “After all these years, I still can't understand why women don’t demand that their partners go and see the rabbi. If they knew the full consequences of foreskin they would have a surgical scalpel at the ready.”

Apart from being glib, Adebayo manages to convey the idea that circumcision is both sexually desirable and will prevent sexually transmitted diseases from going near those with no foreskins.

Furthermore, does he really need to remind us of how he and his penis are God’s gift to females: “What about the aesthetic reasons. Nine out of 10 women prefer it - in my humble experience. If my anecdotal evidence is anything to go by, once women go ‘hacked’ they don't go back.”

This 9 out of 10 imaginary survey illuminates the ignorance at the heart of Adebayo’s piece. When looking at scientific outcomes and proving or discrediting a hypothesis, you cannot pluck statistics out of the air. Perhaps in Adebayo’s world thin air is all the evidence he needs.

Let’s consider the whole history of human evolution. Why do males have foreskins? Naturally, the foreskin is a feature that has endured, thus no one can argue it has not been a success. The only thing is, success requires maintenance, like a Ferrari requires significant effort to keep in top condition.

TURBO CHARGE: Chan compares maintenance of a sports car to that of a penis

Pretend the penis is in fact like high-speed sports car. If you don’t clean the car and regularly check under the bonnet, guess what will happen? That’s right, your V8 engine or whatever, will likely be mashed up, with all kinds of nasty stuff. The same is true of the natural penis.

Therefore, all you have to do is make sure you know how to take care of your penis. Wash it carefully daily. Use a condom during intercourse. Know your partner’s sexual health and history. Pretty simple, right?

You don’t have to slice off millions of years worth of finely tuned evolution to have a healthy penis. But if you do because your religion or culture forces you, don’t think it will make you a super stud in the sack. That’s fantasy – a realm where Adebayo clearly is a registered citizen of lazy German stereotypes and bad science.

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