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Drill gang sentenced

SENTENCED: From left to right, Micah Bedeau, Yonas Girma and Isaac Marshall (Image: Met Police)

FIVE MEMBERS of a gang who produced drill music have been sentenced after they were found with machetes and baseball bats.

Micah Bedeau, 19, Yonas Girma, 21, Isaac Marshall, 18, Jordan Bedeau, 17, and Rhys Herbert, also 17 have been sentenced for conspiracy to commit violent disorder.

The police have also applied for a court order to prevent the gang from making drill music, a derivative of trap music that often features graphic violent lyrics. The outcome has been adjourned to a later date.

Detective chief superintendent Kevin Southworth said: "When in this instance you see a particular genre of music being used specifically to goad, to incite, to provoke, to inflame, that can only lead to acts of very serious violence being committed, that's when it becomes a matter for the police.

"We're not in the business of killing anyone's fun, we're not in the business of killing anyone's artistic expression - we are in the business of stopping people being killed."

Bedeau, 19, was sentenced to three years and three months in a young offenders’ unit, Girma was sentenced to three years and six months, Marshall was given a two-year detention order and both 17 year olds – Bedeau and Herbert – were given one-year detention and training orders.

Reporting restrictions preventing the identification of the two 17 year olds were lifted.

Gunshot sounds and lyrics that glamorised violent crime featured in the video footage shown to jurors.

The gang members were arrested following a two-year anti-gang operation by the police.

Their music videos had generated more than 15 million views and enabled the gang to amass thousands of pounds from online music streaming platforms.

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