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Drive a Maserati for the day and get the ultimate rush

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NEXT TIME you feel like playing with the big boys (or, to be more precise, big engines), forget putting yourself through the frustration of trying to savour less than five minutes on an overpriced track that takes hours to get to. Whether you’re a gift-bearing girlfriend or a bonafide petrol head, you now have more choice at your disposable if your craving for getting up close and personal with a luxury car needs properly satiating.

PROUD OWNER: GT Rush owner Jamie

GT Rush fill the gap left by most other super car experience providers, who leave punters wanting more. The central London-based start-up is headed-up by ex engineer Jamie, who left his City of London job to start-up GT Rush, which provide clients with the chance to drive a convertible Maserati GranCabrio, which they can enjoy for anything from one hour on quiet roads in London to potentially all day on the open country road.

COME INSIDE: The striking interior of this Maserati model is inviting

Jamie speaks about the demand he and GT Rush are experiencing after being less than a year old:

“I did offer quite a few free drives in the first few months - I don’t do that anymore! I’m too busy now.”

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU: The GranCabrio would be an asset to any street

The beauty of Jamie’s bespoke approach lies in the fact that you can chat with him about your car fantasies - which in our Online Editor’s case included playing Fetty Wap from the inbuilt Bose surround sound system - and what you want from your day. You can even arrange for the Maserati (also known as Harry) to play a role in your wedding!

WHO'S A PRETTY BOY THEN: GT Rush include very discreet branding on the vehicle

The interest in GT Rush has come from far and wide:

“There are a lot of people coming from abroad who have driven in the UK before. It is pretty varied…most of my clients are couples and there are a lot of girlfriends and wives buying the experience for their boyfriends or husbands as a gift. We also have women celebrating their 50th, 60th, or even 70th birthdays…”

HELL FOR LEATHER: A comfy ride awaits

For those who don’t drive or just want to sit pretty in the passenger seat, Jamie offers luxury tours in the GranCabrio.

Harry’s white body, quirky personalised numberplate and bright, rich red leather interior had Londoners grinning and pointing, even on the Edgware Road which attracts the world’s wealthiest and flamboyant car owners who quite happily display their wares.

THIS IS THE WHEEL DEAL: Power steering is smooth on this model

Once inside, drivers are greeted with nothing less than what they’d expect from a sporty 4.7 litre Maserati, including paddles on the steering wheel that control the gears when you don’t feel like reaching down to change them, a screen in the front, Bluetooth connectivity, headlights and parking breaks that kick in automatically. A nice finishing touch comes in the form of hair bands for those in the generous backseat who are fortunate enough to feel the wind whipping through their hair once the top goes down.

Pretty much everyone around you will be able to hear the sound of the engine to some degree, depending on how hard you push it. Doing 30 MPH, it’s a comforting buzzy hum in the background along with the slight tremble in the steering wheel that reminds you of the extent of the horse power waiting to be unleashed!

READY TO GO: The backseats provide ample room for friends

Taking off, there is absolutely no kick back from the car, which almost makes things feel as though you’re not moving at all. The engine is so powerful that, along with the ever-present smoothness, the feeling in the pit of your stomach when a plane picks up speed on the runway is something that comes to mind.

Jamie adds:

“It’s a really easy car to drive, really comfortable for people who are not so sure about driving a sports car for the first time. They get used to it very quickly…

“This is a pretty special experience, almost a bucket list experience that people want to do at least once in their lives.”

To book a ride, buy a gift or speak to Jamie about your special event click here.

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