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Drive your way to financial freedom

WHEELIN' & DEALIN': Extra income could be on one's doorstep.

BRITS struggling to get to grips with the financial cost of Christmas could be making hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds a year from an often-overlooked asset – their driveway.

The timely advice from Your means that households counting the cost of the festive season could start making money for next Christmas, as proven by recent statistics showing more than 15,000 customers made more than £500 each in 2017 from their empty driveway.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “The festivities are quickly followed by a nasty bump for many UK households as the reality of paying for Christmas has to be faced with the arrival of the dreaded credit card bills.


“However, there’s a significant money-making opportunity for countless households that is quite literally beneath their feet.

“More and more people are renting out their driveway to motorists looking for somewhere to park, which can help them save for the future and makes Christmas, for instance, less of a financial headache.”

Other evidence reveals that driveways on made owners £12 million in 2017, while homeowners in almost 30 towns and cities in the UK made an average of more than £1,000 each. Meanwhile, recent reports suggest that some essentials, such as many ingredients for Christmas dinner, were more expensive than ever in 2017, making financial planning for Christmas 2018 even more prudent.

Woods added: “The sooner you list a driveway on then the quicker the opportunity to make some money. We have over 15,000 customers making more than £500 a year each, proving driveways really can be a financial lifeline for those savvy enough to take advantage.”

Driveways in particular demand include those near city centres, railway stations, airports, music and sporting venues, shopping centres and popular local amenities. Visit

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