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DV protesters back 'Supported Not Deported' campaign

CAMPAIGN: Sisters Uncut (Photo credit: Twitter)

SOUTH EAST London Sisters Uncut’s latest subvertising campaign sheds light on how survivors of domestic and sexual violence in the home are facing state violence at the hands of the Home Office.

Exposing the similarities between abusive intimate partner relationships and abusive government authorities, activists will replace adverts across south east London with their own subverted messages and target local authorities that Freedom Of Information requests have revealed employ embedded immigration officials - including Southwark, Bexley, Greenwich, and Lewisham6.

The group of all non-binary people and women believe that survivors seeking safety should not face the danger of deportation simply for asking for help. They want to leave their abuser, not leave the country; to be supported, not deported.

Photo credit: Twitter

"Many survivors are being forced to disclose their immigration status in order to access services, information that councils are sharing with the Home Office. Not only is their data shared, these immigration officers can attend interviews, intimidating survivors and any children who may also be present. This is part of the sexist, racist group of policies termed the “hostile environment”7, a project of Theresa May and the Tory government."

South East London Sisters Uncut are demanding the separation of domestic violence services from the Home Office and the funding of specialist domestic violence services and refuges for all survivors, regardless of their immigration status. Border controls have no place in our local authorities.

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