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Dynamic exhibition puts focus on artist’s reimagined history

CAPTIVATING: Some of the images from the exhibition (Photo credit: Marcia Michael)

IN I Am Now You – Mother, an exhibition taking place at the Autograph in east London, Marcia Michael visualises the act of matrilineage through the body of her mother, Myrtle McKnight.

Michael uses photography and oral history to retrieve lost and re- imagined narratives of her matrilineal ancestry, creating an intimate dialogue between mother and daughter in order visualise history from her mother’s memory.

Michael says of her work: “My desire is to recover a visual and aural narrative of my matrilineal history and reunite the present with the past. The body is testament to the refusal to forget. The body, my mother’s body, is all of my histories.”

I Am Now You – Mother is curated by Renée Mussai at Autograph. The exhibition includes a selection of works from Marcia Michael’s multidisciplinary project The Object of My Gaze (2015-17).

The free exhibition runs un- til July 7 at Autograph, Riving- ton Place, London, EC2A 3BA. For more information, visit auto- now-you-mother

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