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East London's very own is changing the game


GUVNA B has always been immersed in music. Whilst he wasn’t sure whether it was a career choice for him, writing music was always one of his hobbies.

He grew up in custom houses in east London on a council estate and saw the rise of legendary artists like Dizzee Rascal and Kano - however, he says he didn’t have that much ambition at the time.

“My kind of ambition was to get a new pair or Air Maxs or a BMW, I didn’t really think long term until I put out some music and saw the reaction,” he said.

The talented artist saw that people were willing to pay for his music and support it, which allowed him to realise he could make a career out of it by working as hard as he could and let God do the rest.

On asking him whether he’s the only creative in his family, he spoke about his parents always playing a range of music from the Jackson 5 to Kool & The Gang. “They weren’t really musical at all, but for some reason my brother and I took it to another level,” he recalls. My brother sings but he’s also in A&R as well, so he manages artists and musical projects. But my mum and dad can’t really sing or rap.”

Guvna B has always liked coming up with his own lyrical content, especially when the projects and singles he works on have an emotional meaning. “I lost my dad recently and so a lot of my work has been inspired by that.

“I feel like content about such a personal thing has got to be original, authentic and come from the heart.” However he did say when his music is 80% done, he calls in writers, singers and producers to add a touch of quality to it. Nevertheless, the foundation of his art always comes from his own creative source.

Speaking about his latest single Been Hustling, the London native gave us an insight into the creative process behind it: “I was kind of reminiscing about my childhood, and now that I’m in my twenties some of the things I was chasing when I was younger, didn’t really satisfy me the way I thought they would.”

He explains that young people from his way of life are often expected to desire material things - but due to changes in his life and certain experiences, he now knows the importance of necessities like having good friends and family and helping people.

The music video for Been Hustling was recently released, and was an exciting experience for the musician, who had complete creative control of the video and used the opportunity to showcase his artistry as well as his love for London.

Due to the inspiring messages that can be found in his music and the impact it has, Guvna B has been able to perform across the UK to massive crowds to iconic arenas like the 02. The energy from the crowd continues to be the driving force and motivation behind his performances, making him want to put on the best show he can.

“It can be really surreal and like I said I never really had crazy ambitions to perform. So the fact that hard work and patience got me to that stage was humbling,” he said.

“I know what frame of mind I was in when I wrote the song, and I wanted that to be communicated through visual. So I came up with the idea and gave it to my video director Kevin Hudson and he brought it to life.”

The video was based around his life; he grew up in the city and that came through quite strong and heavily. He stated he was proud of where he grew up and and proud of London, so this was a crucial factor for him to showcase.

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