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Easter is time to reflect on Jesus

REFLECTION: Easter is the time when Christians reflect on the death and miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ

EASTER REMAINS the key festival in the Christian calendar.

It is the time when Christians from across the world reflect on the death and burial of Jesus Christ, his miraculous resurrection from the dead and the significance this historic event has for the world and society today.

During his earthly ministry Jesus made it clear that his life’s purpose was to demonstrate the love of God, and die a painful death as an atonement for humanity's sins.

Christ’s life indicated it was possible to overcome sin and death. This fact was demonstrated via his resurrection.

As Easter approaches, Christians should ask themselves, ‘What does this miraculous act of resurrection mean for me on how I live out my life and in the process impact others?’

Jesus’ message talked about the love of God. His message was inclusive and resonated with notorious sinners (that’s what the Bible calls them in the book of Luke), the sick, women and ordinary people who found the religious authorities out of touch.

Jesus’ teachings, often illustrated with parables, made people aware that God loved them and wanted to forgive them for their sins.

Christ made it clear that forgiveness, acceptance and a new life was available to people if they desired to accept God’s gift of salvation.

It is beholden upon the church to rethink how it’s going to convey this message, especially in light of the social turmoil all around and where the black community is concerned, the issue of youth crime and violence that we are increasingly having to face.

When Jesus embarked on his public ministry, he read from the book of Isaiah stating that he had come to ‘proclaim good news to the poor’, ‘proclaim freedom’, recover ‘sight for the blind’ and ‘to set the oppressed free.’

His mission remains relevant and one the church is called to continue. Churches must always be mindful of the social action component of the gospel message.

And if a section of our community feels un-loved, disconnected from God and the wider community, disempowered, constricted by societal norms and oppressed, we have to play a part in working for their freedom and libera- tion, on a spiritual and political level.

Easter should remind us that freedom and transformation is possible because Christ sacrificed his life for us all.

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