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Embracing the UK’s premier National Diversity Awards

CELEBRATION: The National Diversity Awards

THE UK’S largest diversity awards have been inundated with inspirational messages from across the nation, praising diversity heroes, entrepreneurs and community organisations.

With nominees rounding up local support in a bid to be crowned the best of British diversity, organisers recently caught up with last year’s winners to see how receiving their accolade has affected their lives.

“One person may have collected the award, but it was received by over 500 members” Said Pamela Franklin, founder of the Caribbean Social Forum.

“Winning a National Diversity Award has helped me personally and by so doing it has taken the Caribbean Social Forum to another level and set us on a new past of success”.

Echoing this sentiment, Gary Pollard, Founder of Men Tell Health and winner of the community organisation award for gender said; “For an organisation like us, one that’s so new, so small but with so many big plans, this prestigious award is forever going to be part of who we are and our gratitude goes to the NDA team who made it happen”.

Men Tell Health carries out life changing work and aims to reduce male suicide and help men manage their own mental well-being. They do this differently to almost everyone else, using humour to destigmatise and to engage.

PICTURED: Paul Sesay CEO National Diversity Awards

“It has opened many new doors and given us so many more opportunities to take our work into a wider world and for that, we’re eternally grateful” said Pollard. “If you think it’s not worth nominating someone because they'd never win, then we are proof positive that you’re wrong”.

With the ever increasing need for cohesion between communities from all walks of life, the National Diversity Awards is sure to deliver this year’s grandest celebration of diversity.

The breathtaking Liverpool Anglican Cathedral will play host to the 2018 ceremony, to be held on September 14. The UK’s most inspirational and selfless people will come together to honour the rich tapestry of our nation, recognising individuals and groups from grass roots communities.

The iconic awards have recently announced new supporters and returning sponsor MI5. A spokesperson for the organisation commented, “We are at our strongest when we have the richest mix of the best talent, working together in an environment that allows people to thrive.

"Put simply, our diverse workforce is crucial to our operational successes. We are pleased to be able to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to inclusion through our continued support for these Awards. They are an important way of recognising and celebrating the good work being done across the country to promote inclusivity, diversity and to provide opportunity for all.”

The prestigious black tie event has also attracted a growing list of endorsements from celebrities who are actively supporting the diversity agenda including Sir Lenny Henry, Graham Norton & and Adam Hills.

Bulletproof actor Ashley Walters said “It’s strange that as a nation we have to challenge discrimination when Britain is so widely diverse. It’s also rare to see people from grass roots communities gain national recognition for their contribution to inclusion.

"The National Diversity Awards have created an inspirational concept, shining the light on underrepresented diversity champions. It is important to celebrate the different variety of talent we have to offer, and we should embrace this opportunity to get real people and true role models recognised from across the UK.”

Founder & CEO Paul Sesay added, “Unlocking Britain’s diverse talent and rewarding unsung champions remains at the heart of these awards.”

Sesay, who was fostered as a young child, is the passionate guiding light behind The National Diversity Awards, and has made it his mission to bring communities together.

“After an eye opening year we look to those who represent progress, spirit and resilience. As we enter our 07th awards season, the game changers and peace makers who remain unheard will shine under the spotlight, and reach every section of society with their passion and positivity. I look forward to learning about this year’s nominees and witnessing their spectacular journeys.”

With over 20,000 nominations and votes received annually, The National Diversity Awards will no doubt showcase leading figures in their quest for a more inclusive society.

Nominations and voting will close on June 01st – To nominate, please visit

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